Classic italian cookies made from scratch each day. Over the years we have added new techniques and broadened our cookie selection. We proudly display over 50 varieties of cookies daily. Come in and pick out your favorites or select our standard assortments of the most popular cookies.

From our original Olde World recipes, we make Cucidati (fig cookies), Scottiritzi (ritz), Regina (light or dark seeded), Taralli (lemon cookies), and Tetu (Italian meatball cookies). Some specialty items may be limited to the holidays or large orders, for details, or to place an order please call (585)454-6979.

On top of the classic Italian cookies we also have fifteen unique butter cookies, our signature frosted cookies, nine different Chocolate varieties, two kinds of Almond Paste (plus two more cookies that are partial almond paste),
five shortbreads, six kinds of Biscotti, Neapolitan and Coconut Macaroons. 

*Our almond paste cookies and coconut macaroons are GLUTEN FREE*

In-Store Box Pricing - $12.75 per pound
In-Store Box Almond Paste $14.50 Per Pound

Need cookies shipped?
Order cookies online and have them shipped right to your doorstep! 

Order your cookies boxed, in a tin, or on a tray! Rates include cookies, shipping and handling and can be found in our shipping tab or when you come in or call the store. When ordering through our online link, we will ship out the cookies as soon as possible.

Cookie Trays


Cookie Trays

Cookie trays must be pre ordered. When ordering you are offered the option to select a standard assortment or special order. The standard assortment entails a large variety including joined cookies, shortbreads, some almond paste, neapolitan, coconut macaroons, butter cookies, chocolate butter cookies, and frosteds. Extra almond paste or only specific cookies are considered a specialty tray.  Adding fig cookies which are not typically included or extra of one kind of cookie is still considered a standard tray.   

Special order trays include specifications such as (but not limited to) no nuts, no joined cookies, extra almond paste, including biscotti or specialty cookies (slices, tetu, teralli, pillows, ritz, regina.) Call today and ask about specialty prices. 

Do you have an upcoming event that is out of town? Don't worry, we ship cookie trays! Call the store or stop in to get a quote or place an order.

Size Standard Specialty
15-20 $29.50 $34.00
25-30 $44.25 $51.00
35-40 $59.00 $68.00
45-50 $73.75 $85.00
60 $88.50 $102.00
70 $103.25 $119.00
80 $118.00 $136.00
100 $147.50 $170.00
125 $191.75 $221.00
150 $221.25 $255.00

*Any cookie tray order serving 40 or more needs a 50% deposit at the time of the order being placed.