Serving desserts for over a century

Since 1914 the Gruttadauria family has been making sweets to serve families. Originating on Jay St in downtown Rochester, NY, our current location is on 1600 West Ridge Road Rochester, NY. The Gruttadauria family has a large variety of Italian desserts and sweets to fill any kind of sweet tooth you have! 




Classic italian cookies made from scratch each day. Over the years we have added new techniques and broadened our cookie selection. We proudly display over 50 varieties of cookies daily. Come in and pick out your favorites or select our standard assortments of the most popular cookies.


Every cake is custom made to your liking! With 6 different cake flavors, 25 different fillings, and 10 different frosting options, the possibilities are endless! Every cake price includes your choice of script and roses or balloons. If you are looking for a themed decoration, it is best to come in and speak with a decorator.  



Pastries are priced individually and may be boxed or trayed based on the quantity and size preferred. We offer approximately 15 different  kinds of miniature pastries and large variations.  We also have hand crafted specialty cannoli variations such as the cannoli chip bowl, cannoli pizza, and the XL party size cannoli! In store you may also find quart containers of lemon ice, spumoni, and gelati, made from scratch weekly.




Wedding Cakes

Let us help make your wedding day special! We have been perfecting wedding cake for over 100 years! Come in and look through our portfolio of designs or bring in one of your own. If you wish to try bite-size cake samples and get a quote for your dessert table, call and make an appointment today!